Recently I saw this trail of Catfish, the TV- show on mtv. I didn't get what catfish meant. Until I searched it up. It was about meeting people online, and thinking you've found a soulmate, which is actually a taboo for me. Because I rather meet people in person. But I'm still open for all the options I've got. It got me thinking though, I did meet someone a few months ago. It's been four months ago that I've met someone online, that I had a crush on.

The stories on Catfish were really similar with the experience that I had. Honestly, I approached that persons profile, and we got talking. The chatting were also on the phone, and we had funny conversations, that I couldn't imagine. I thought, this person could really be a nice friend, or maybe a potential lover. We continued texting each other for like everyday. Still I find it a bit suspicious, that she (yes, a SHE) came with some stories, that made no sense at all. But I didn't see something behind it, I just directly believe her. You just assume, someone is just telling you the truth right? Why would anyone lie?
Things she came up like was, she was thrown out of her house for being a homosexual. And she's from the US, and own expensive things. Telling me she's always cut her own hair so she can save up money. (That was a bit extreme, since she's owning expensive stuff) And couple weeks later she's saying she has got an expensive hairdresser etc.
A lot of things didn't really made sense at all. I guess I was a bit blind, and also fooled.

The similarity of the show Catfish and my experience is, I kinda pushed to meet her. Because I still had suspicions if she was real or not? After talking 24/7 for two weeks, I wanted to meet her. And it was really a coincidence that her online profile was saying that she lives nearby. And in the conversations we had, it was clearly that she knew the surroundings of the city.

So why not meet up? Well so I asked if she want to see a movie with me? And she was like 'Yes, Sure!' So the next sunday, it was a 'date'. Obviously, me waiting the whole day for the date. But I had heard nothing of her, at all. So I was kinda worried, if this 'date' would be continued? So, it was 7pm, and we would have meet at a certain place. But she wasn't online, so I tried calling her. It was so weird, I got this automatically message. And not this message that you have to leave a message after the peep. This message thingy, I've never had before. Anyway, she got finally online after an hour.
Apparently, she broke her arm and she couldn't go to the movie with me.
I was like, okay, that can happen....., Still no bell ringing for me. Even though this could be the sign of, she's fake!

So she said she promised me to reschedule the date to another day. She sent me those pictures of her room she was painting. And she described kind of a ''girls room''. And I asked for a picture, and guess what? I saw a whole different room, it was painted green, and modern, perfectly for a guy though. So I said, what happend to the purple? She said she, re-thinked and changed her mind. This was maybe another sign.

So this time, this day we would meet, but then she said it's the day that her bestfriend died one year ago. And she said she burst out crying in the mall because her friend called her up. And I felt really sorry for her etc.

But I got more suspicious because, the meeting was keep being moved. So I tried calling her again. And I got this auto-message again, as if her phone nr didn't worked when you call. So I asked a few friends, calling that number. They called over more than ten times lol. And nope, it didn't worked.

Still, I was blind. I kept talking to her, and she got me stuck to her. Eventually things, she told me went crazier, and really unrealistic. She told me she's about to be a singer, and someone even messaged her to record a mixtape. She showed the convo, and I only read it, but I wasn't really paying attention to the date of that conversation.
Though, she sent me a demo of her singing. And I recognized the song. So I told her this isn't original, I've heard it before. And eventually I googled, youtubed, and found out she's using pictures and songs of a singer.

I started to realize that I've wasted my time, to this pathetic person who is hiding behind a fake profile. Unlike Catfish, this wasn't really a two-year wasted of time. Still was six weeks of chatting, philosophize and laughing. I confronted her, and all she could say, 'I'm so good, have a nice life.'
Who can be proud of this? , Yes I felt really disappointed, but worse, the person behind this is just really sad. I can't understand why people would do this. Isn't it sad that you take advantage of people online? You must me very sad in real life.
I realized, that trusting people over internet is so easy. And you just shouldn't take everything what people are saying.

The scary part is, this person is walking somewhere in my city, and could stalk me :/
And I've no clue who he or she is.

People like this does not really have a life I guess...
Did something like this happend to you?
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did you not google image her photos or her name? that would have saved you the trouble why does it take some phony 'reality' show to open up people eyes to scammers over the internet?