Lies Kill

My father spent his whole life lying. He lied to my mother, and he lied to his family. He has become a major liar. He lies to me... and he lies to my brothers... he lies to his friends... and he lies to himself. I don't like people who lie.... lies killed my parent's marriage (which turned out to be a good thing)...
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Thank you, both of you. Almost dying in a car accident made me see how short life really is (especially my best friend died in the very same accident), so I don't dis on dad as much. But I am also not an idiot and I'm not blind to the pain he caused me in the past, even if he's realized he needs to be (a little) more of a parent after almost losing me. Too bad for him I'm a woman on my own now and don't need a parent like him.

I am so sorry for what you went threw .((((huggss))))))

I know what you mean. My two whole brothers have yet to realize what my father is like. One is 14 and the other is 22. I hope at least that my little brother will get it soon. But its been 7 years.

It freaks me out and makes me so sad to realize I left this comment 14 days before my mom died...