I would rather somebody tell me something that might upset me than decide to lie to me I HATE that more than anything is to be lied to. I do NOT lie to anyone if I did something or said somethings I will admit it I have no reason to lie to anyone.
Krimsonraine Krimsonraine
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Honesty is harder than I thought. Had a life changing experience in 2007 and promised to be completely honest but it seems living in a world less than perfect makes being so heart breaking at times.

^ Felt like I was reading something I said & wrote myself! 😊

I'm the same and constantly get women on here moan at me because I don't know why they are proud to be sleeping with a married man. To me that's a relationship built on lies.

I dont lie either, everyone knows I'm a cder and they except me for who I am.

cder ?
Sorry I do not know what that is.

Cder is short for cross dresser, sorry.