I hate it when people lie to me... Especially when it has been going on for a long time. I recently found out that my best friend has been lying to me for about 2-3 months. It's extremely frustrating and it's hard to trust people after you've been lied to.. :/
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That is why I am hateful

Yes. You just kind of start leaning away from people

If you got lied to , I know the feelings at first your like how why did she / he do it 😔 did they even care but look you will get over it and you will find that person you can trust ✊

I totally agree

Well a girl I met online, who I treated like a sister, lied to me about her name. So I know what you're going through.

Oh, but did she have any specific reason for this? >_<

She doesn't know that I found out.

Maybe you should tell her that you found out and discuss it with her, she might give you a reason why she did this ^^

Yeah but she's going through a lot rn, and I don't want it to make things work. I am the only person she trusts(she said that).

Ahh... Then tell her when you think she's ready. It's nice how you think about her ^^

Well she trusts me and I can't just not care about her.

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My friend lied to me too, years ago, and eventually our relationship crumbled because I couldn't trust her anymore and there were other problems as well.

You just have to be more careful of who you trust, and pay close attention of the character of those who you are giving your trust.

That's true.. And yeah, maybe I just trusted the wrong person ^^

Yeah there are trustworthy people out there, she just wasn't one of them. Good luck.

Thank you, the same to you!