I know it's stupid and I'm a child but my sister lied about spending time with me. She's 18 and going into the army, oh and treats me like crap. Now let me start by saying this: you know that feeling that when you say something and you know people hear you but aren't listening? Well, I felt that today. My dog, Rusty, since I was 4 was ill so we get him put down Saturday. My mom and dad are crying and loving on him, petting, kissing etc. More than I get every day. My dad only hears what and when he wants to. I can only get attention from my mom when I fight with her or my sister, or when I'm scared. Like when I watch horror movies. I also watch those only TO get attention. Speaking of movies, my mom bought 3 movies a week and a half ago. 13 ghosts, the cell, and a movie for me. I forgot the name, has Cortney Cox. We have watched, TOGETHER, the first two, horror movies. Haven't even touched the other one. I can't remember one movie or tv show I asked to watch, and when I asked to watch, that we watched. See, when my sister asks to watch a movie or tv show, we watch it. Okay, now a while ago I was trying hard to watch a horror movie with my mom without my sister. She looked at me sadly, "when your sister leaves, no one will do this with me." I was like, what the heck, I'm here!!! So I love this tv show, doctor who. I stayed up all night watching it, and I accidentally woke my sister up. She watched a few episodes with me. Today, momma took us to the zoo (note I HATE the zoo) because my sister wanted. My mom earlier said, "I thought you guys wanted this?" she obviously assumed. We were leaving when my sister asked momma if we could watch the tv show Sliders, looked at me, *scratch that* doctor who. Me:😁 not only did we leave at 5:40, at 10:39 momma went to take a bath. She was watching a cop or some live trial with daddy. No doctor who. Me:😭 I was hurting. I went to my sister's room, she was on her laptop, watching Sliders. I barely choked out tears, "don't you Ever do that again." she had the nerve to say, "what?" me, "make me feel like you wanted to spend time with me then take it away like that." I can't snap my fingers while crying, but I tried. I turned and stormed to the door, my hand was on the handle when I heard, "don't slam the door."
BONUS: I am terrified of thunder storms. Momma took us to the zoo in the middle of one. I tried my best not to cry.
RobinWoods RobinWoods
16-17, F
Aug 18, 2014