Evidence~ you blatantly lied to me natedog1 !!
Don't message me again I came on this site to get to know a few people and talk to people of similar experiences.
AmberFenning AmberFenning
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**** Shaming : Male edition

:scratched head

why does this sound like a good internet lesson to me?

(given your age(s), that's as nicely as I can word my true thoughts)

Phew! First thing I saw was "Nate" and I got nervous. But that's not me haha. Stupid Natedog1

He tried talking to me and telling me how much he wanted to be with me and how much better he would treat me then my exes and that he knew since the first time he saw my picture that he wanted to marry me

I'm so glad you know what I'm talking about!! it's just creepy !!<3

Did you report him??? I didn't but I was on my other account before I got kicked off so I am thinking I am gonna report him from this account

I haven't reported him yet but I am definitely going to asap!! X


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i leid.