I had a boyfriend , he cheated, he lied, now he wants money and I'm not sending it. I feel so used cuz it's been time and time again and I just wanna get back to me. He's headed back to prison I told him today to never call me again... Four years down the drain...
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Thank you all, I count my blessings everyday, I have a beautiful baby boy who can bring a smile and giggle out of me everyday. No the ex is not the dad thank goodness! LOL I can't change my number I own my own business and have had the same number for over ten years. I can block numbers tho! :)

Don't worry, I'm sorry but the good thing is you know now!!! You are 1 guy closer to the Man U will b with for the rest of your life !

Oh Hun. It was NOT just time down the drain. I know that you must have taken something out of it, like what not to put up with and who to stay away from next time? And I'm sure a ton more lessons if you think about it. Don't be sad, Rejoice! Sounds like the ending to a very toxic relationship. You deserve so much more, and now you are equity with the knowledge and life lessons to not be involved with someone like that and instead the beautiful rose I am sure you are <3

You deserve better.

Life will get better