I am sick and tired of my parents telling me that they will do certain things and as soon as I ask about them they pretend they never said it and accuse me of lying about it and ridicule me because I do that "all the time and I never stop," but really it's them lying to me and I hate it.
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Story of my life....

they maybe forgetful they say things and later they pretend as if they never said. this happens to me sometimes and i really dont mind plus you should not give up on your parents they are the ones that bought into this world no one loves you more than them. just calm down and take it easy. dont think of leaving them now when they brought you up and there will be time that they will need you. just respect them dont mind little things we are all humans and we all make mistakes. dont take into heart dont sweetie give then chance tell them what you dont like that they do and all good. good luck thats all i can say to you . hope this helped

well my parents are extremely abusive and tell me they don't love me and that i'm worthless so no they aren't "just forgetful"

why would they do that your their daughter thats illegal

unfortunately the world isn't perfect and this goes on a lot

yup i understand your pain. but remember that there is always a sun shine after the dark night and there is always a rainbow after a storm things will get better with the time no one stays in the same place and life is like a game. remember that things will get better. dont give up. if you need anyone to talk to you can just send me a message I'm always here take care

yes same here my parents will put me down as if i am not a part of the family, well i understand you as a piece of advice -- study hard if you finish taking up a degree and work you can buy everything you want

I agree so much I hate it to

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My parents were the same way, my advice to you, is save up your money whatever you ave, i am 21 now, and haven't lived with my parents since i was 19 i was kicked out, i was mentally and physically and emotionally abused get out while you can, i don't know what the hell is wrong with parents today but damn you got to start living girl! okay trust me get into therapy or something idk what to tell you just build yourself up take control of your life, don't let them pull you down in life i don't have my parents i am alone i don't have my family i know where they are but i have no contact with them really, i it sucks just don't end up emotionally stuck and hurt and pained, i am struggling everyday okay and i am 21 listen okay

this is unbelievable advice. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

Kill yourself or them..

Don't listen to this guy over here