I had a boyfriend that would exaggerate a lot. He would tell me things it would sound so real. Than my friends tell me that thing he said, & i felt so stupid for believing things. Later in as he would talk to me i ask my self is this fiction or nonfiction ?
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Sometimes you just have to leave him he could be lying about anything and everything

Honey if he's lying to you don't stick around, leave him before it's too late you'll mess yourself up by sticking around, I've been through it too

I admire your courage and I'm glad you feel better now it's over

How are you two doing

Yeah I think some people are just really like that. They lie and exaggerate and say sweet nothings that they don't really mean. Then there are people who take it to a huuuuuge extreme. Personally, and I'm not saying you should necessarily do this but I think I'm going to start avoiding them like the plague.

I cannot stand those people. Its usually a case of , the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to believe it. So if it sounds unbelievable, it probably is. Unless you were with them an saw firsthand. They are also likely to talk about themselves, and talk over you, because they value their own opinion more. Be careful.