Am i pretty or ugly? Please respond honestly. I just received an inbox that said " I was as ugly as hell". Of course he blocked me so I couldn't respond... So to you dude. Thanks and I'd rather be ugly as he'll then be ugly to others and GO TO HELL!!! PS. Fire is pretty lol
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Wow ppl are still crazy!! You can't believe everything ppl say! He can think whatever he wants there's someone out there for every one😘

As I've gotten older I have learned that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. And, inner beauty is far more desirable to any physical attribute. That being said, your profile pic isn't a very good pic. Personally all that I can determine is that I do believe you are female. And I don't mean it is a bad pic. I mean it isn't very clear. But i'm betting that your inner self radiates. Won't lie though, I do wish I could see you better. The whole thing has me beyond curious.........

You are not ugly and your hair is just amazing, for the record such messages are part of why I don't have a real life picture of me for an avatar.

I would do that but so many people think that I'm a total fake cause I have tons of friends on here

Well I barely know you and from what I have read of your posts you don't seem fake so I can't judge, why would people call you fake anyway?

My other reason for not having a picture of myself is because I honestly do think I am ugly :)
But BDD does that.

Well thank you. And I think we all think where ugly.

Not problem again I don't know you well so not gonna judge, we may all think we are ugly but Body Dysmorphic Disorder makes it far worse.
Imagine never being able to see what you really look like and only seeing a twisted disgusting version of you.

That is what it does to you.

What type of disored is that like psychological or what (I hope that doesn't sound rude)

No you don't sound rude at all it is psychological disorder that tends to be comorbid with other disorders most commonly eating disorders.

When it is comorbid with eating disorders the sufferers generally have no chance of real recovery, so they learn to live with it.

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I've seen ugly and there only ugly cause they damaged there body that much. With drugs and cutting. I could go on.
So your not ugly in anyway.

I believe everyone is beautiful.

You're not ugly.
I'm so ugly, when I was born the doctor slapped my mom.
I'm so ugly, I have to sneak up to the mirror to shave.
I'm so ugly, when I go to the zoo, kids scream "Look mommy, one escaped!"

I could go on and on

To be honest you are too old to be asking these kinds of l questions. By now you should be comfortable in your skin nd shouldn't be asking strangers if you're attractive

Don't matter. Don't let other people control you. Every time you think about it you're replaying it like a movie and bringing back up those bad feelings. The idiot who said it probably has little or no conscious and has already moved in to their next victim.

I can not see picture very well . But a cordon what I see - average. Not very pretty or ugly . Why it is important for you ? You grow up woman , not teenager

Look . I am in u age . I know I am pretty ... And what ? My husband tell me it daily , but I do not love him . Even with all my pretty I can not have another man , that I love . My look do not make any privilege at work...

There may be people who aren't attracted to you but there are people who would find you very attractive! Just because one person thinks one thing it doesn't mean's personal preference.
For example, I think kim kardashian is absolutely beautiful, but I've heard guys saying she's ugly! Too fake etc
I fail to see how they think this lol but they're pretty adamant! In the meantime don't worry what others think of you, just what you think of you x

Stop calling yourself ugly. If you think it you give it strength. You my lady are a princess.

I am a single guy and I don't see anything wrong with you. I'de take you

u may not be attractive to me since i'm just 18 and i have high standards but from what i can see i guess u were hot when u were younger and probably someone older than might be able to appreciate u

than me*

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's how you feel inside and how you act and relate to others. A woman could be a drop dead gorgeous 10 and have have a mean girl ugly attitude that drops her off the chart. While a normal looking woman with a great attitude and demeanor is always a 10 in my book.

Ugly are the people who say you are ugly, it doesn't matter what others think if this is how you feel comfortable and how you want to look then there is nothing that's ugly on you.

Descent looking

I don't find you attractive. Personal preference. However, first impressions can change. It's amazing what people possess that makes them sexy.

You look just fine

u r pretty

You look ok it's just not a very good photo.

I thought she looked like a super model the other

Ok now that's pushing it a bit lol

Thanks for y'all honest answers I can take it I promise. I have my big girl panties on. :-)

Thanks I appreciate your opinion

Ur not that attractive
I'm sorry

Don't be sorry hun. Thanks for being honest

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! For every person that thinks I'm ugly, I'm sure is another that thinks something different. At the end of the day, I say screw em all and just be happy with yourself!