I had a bf that lied to me all the time his eyes color his skin color his evey thing so we were just thro I broke up with him
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Let me guess...you are a blonde and he was a black manz,lol.

Yes lo

Woha... That's just outrageous...

Yeah ik

Trust me when I say this.. I'm a 16 year old Latino tan skin glasses and dark brown eyes with black hair

Ok so we're u from

Florida USA not like you can handle someone this far though

Oh I know

What? You just lost me

But I like flordis

I been there befor

You have?

Wanna text on message


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Was it an online relationship?

Yes I mean he wanted to go out with me and I says what do u look like we both lived in the same country but diffrrnt house

How did you find out he was lying?

Caues he was taking pics of the tv I saw the tv

And the tv corners

What did tv have to do with eyes and skin color?

Becaues he told me he was miked but he white and told me he had blue eyes but dont

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