Well where do I start, recently separated from my partner of 14 years (married 11) after she told me she had been lying to me from day 1, she thinks she's bisexual and has been up to all sorts behind my back for years, we have an 8 yr old daughter together who is taking the breakup very hard, as am I, struggling to function day to day, I feel totally betrayed and worthless! Knowing I was never loved is hard to deal with, particularly when I was so madly in love with her.... Arrrgghh why us life so horrendous! 5 months on and the hurt won't go away!.....
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You aren't worthless. It gets better promise :)

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. That's quite a blow. It will take time. Try to focus on special times with your daughter, she's hurting too. I'm here if you need to vent.

In the end just remember everything happens for a reason

Why are people not honest? My guy is bi and I'm OK with it, i except he will need a man for some of his desires.
Your wife should have told you and now you have a beautiful child who is in pain like you are.
I'm so sorry you both do not deserve what she has done to you. It's hard but get on with life making it great for you and your daughter.

The hurt does go away, day to day, focus on your daughter she needs you. I'm sure she loved you, she had to. But sometimes things fall out of our own reach, look to grab something new 💚

I'm so sorry that happened to you. That is very brutal - the pain will fade with time as do feelings of love but I won't lie: it's going to take quite some time.
Focus on the positive things in life: healthy habits, interests, and taking care of your daughter. She will need you now more than ever. Support her and in turn you will feel supported. Don't separate yourself from others because being alone is the worst for a broken heart.

Awwww I'm sorry :(

I'm here if you need someone to talk to. I know that feeling of betrayal too, unfortunately. At times venting does help but it's natural you feel that way too. I know it's hard but time's a healer as they say.