Hey! This is one of the things I dislike the most but specially when it comes in terms of feelings. Saying "I love You, i like You, You are the one i wanna be with" and then You see them with someone else and flirting all around. Why the guy keep lookng for You when You see he doesn't actually love You or like You, he likes and love someone else. I'll never get that. The worst part is that I Let that happen. I have this thing I'm afraid they left me or Reject later in the relationships, when they get to Know me better, so I Back off or i Dont show my feeling enterely. I kind of have the feeling every guy Will hurt me or use me. Maybe because i Dont Let them love me or Because i've never felt how it feels To be really loved. And when i Dont want it go out with the guy because i Know his plan with me, that he is lying i End yo making excuses no to see him, i lie to him instead of telling what i Know and feel. Afraid of losing te perdón i guess.

Sorry i'm weird in terms of love haha not good at it.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day 😃
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or maybe he likes no girls and he is just a pervert

Haha or maybe thats. Yeah probably that

im an instant teller of feeling but only what i feel, kinda spontaneous.

Thats good i Believe!

but it sometimes brings bad stuff but it still sticks around me

Lots one could say and although I agree with the general sentiment, you could of course say this about both genders.
However, there's been this... sentiment for some time in the society that flirting with someone else is supposed to be okay. I've even been told by a girl "Why are you always so possessive, I know he's married so it's safe to exchange sexual innuendo with him" when I told her she should pay me at least as much attention as other guys.
I'm certainly not a big fan of it in that context, but if mild flirting is all it is, you should remember most people like to have fun. It's even possible it hasn't occurred to him that it might hurt you because everybody else, girls included, is doing it. Not to mention if you indicate you don't reciprocate his feelings, there's no reason for him to stick to them. So certainly hope you talk through how it makes you feel and see if he will be considerate, but don't let him trick you into one-sided deal.
Of course if there's evidence of more than flirting, then it's a whole different thing :)

This has to be one of the best posts ever and I mind changer. Thank You very very much for this coment. I really appreciate it 😊🎉 true... Communication sí key!

This is perfectly understandable, trust is a very hard thing to muster and when it has been betrayed so badly, you will have your defences and I perfectly understand you making up excuses to guys about your feelings because you need to establish that wall...but you never know, maybe you will find a guy who doesn't lie about being in love and I hope you do...at then of the day not all guys are ******** but at the same time we can be really harsh jerks at the worst of times :/

Thanks for your words. Yeah I Know There's good guys just o haven't meet one, well with me at least. I establish a wall but I Know If I want a partieron i need to out it down and i also need that person help me a Little with it

Well, not sure this is the same situation entirely because I was 100% into her and her only. But I just broke up with my girlfriend because she was doing exactly that. Making excuses to not be together constantly, refusing to talk about what was going on, saying things like "It just doesn't seem very possible for things to work out like they should". After a while of this going up and down and then her needing "time and space" I just couldn't take the torture anymore so I ended it. So I guess I'm just saying be careful you don't make a huge mistake doing this to someone that you really shouldn't be doing it to.

Yes! Thats one of the things i'm afraid of. That because my insecureities will screw up something that maybe can be nice. But i Dont Know i'm trusting my gut right now but not sure about the answer. Maybe he cares maybe he doesn't. He says he does but not quite Believe it. Lets mention that i have also my trust issues with guys.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry for the break up.

Well I'm glad that you admit you have trust issues. I'm not trying to sound harsh but I think you really need to figure that out one way or another... talking more with him, talking with your parents, talking with your friends, breaking it off and trying to get to the root of the problem... maybe with a therapist... again I'm not trying to be mean or anything, and I'm probably the worst person to talk to about this right now because of my situation but these relationships without any real trust are nothing but a time bomb.

Oh no it's great. Sometimes we need direct answers and harsh coments to understand. Yeah a relationships whithout trust is Nothing, it's a time bomb for sure. He doesn't deserve a that and me neither. I first need to work on myself and my trust and insecureities issues before i End up hurting someone. And thats something i Know i Don't want to do

Thanks :)