The first guy I had strong feelings for lied to me so much that I can't be with another guy because I feel everything they are telling me is a lie. The worst part is that after I got over it a little I dated a guy and he lied to me. I want to be comfortable with a guy. I wanna love someone who loves me back the same way I do.
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Why allow a jerk to ruin your future relationships. You give him too much power. What have you learned from this relationship? Each experience is like playing darts. So you missed the bulls-eye. Probably missed the board. Adjust your focus aim better and eventually you will hit the bulls-eye! Don't let one jerk keep you from the wonderful relationship you are suppose to have! Take your power back!!!

Me to I don't want to play mind games I just want honesty and to experience true love

So sad

You will in time, it'll take time, but you will again.