Me and my boyfriend recently broke up, and he says it's because of something totally irrelevant, but I think he lied to me...
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If it seems irrelevant than he left you for two reasons. a) you got too comfortable with him and exposed your no so attractive. B) he was secretly was seeing someone else and decided to leave you for that one person. - a guy

Would you like to talk about it?

Well.. Kinda.

Shoot, if you would like me to listen

We were dating for a year and two months, and we were happy and then he just ended it... And we haven't talked since.

Can i ask what he said was irrelevant, because if it was irrelevant there wouldn't be an issue

He said it was because he was constantly worried about my dad abusing me, which is weird because when we broke up does that mean he will just stop worrying about me?

Did he think your dad disliked him in any way? did he disapprove of anything you two did?

No... He and my dad got into a fight once, but that was a while ago... I think he might have cheated..

I won't lie, that is a possibility. but i have also been in his position where i feared for my ex girlfriends safety if i stayed.

He just didn't explain... He just kinda left..

It seems that even though he could have cheated you would prefer some closure over the situation even if the truth could hurt more?

Yes... I mean, if he would have told me the truth even if that was the truth, I wish he would have at least told me why.. I feel like I'm just stuck in some kind of trans and I'm waiting for something that is not going to happen..

Now you don't have to ask him, but you could send a message. like
Hi [insert name here] can i just ask one question, what was the reason for the break-up. insist that you just want the closure and will accept his answer even if it is one of the worst possible things you could hear.
Just a suggestion it may seem far fetched, but your not going to get the closure you seek without asking for it. Hope it goes well, i'm here if you need to talk

This happened 3 days ago.. I'm not ready for that...

That's understandable, i can't tell you otherwise.

I'll figure it out. I'm not as depressed as most people would think though.. I'm just confused.

Are you a shy person?

Not at all.

I'm sorry that i can't be of much help, and i'm not much of a talker. if you'd like me to stop talking i'll leave haha

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