Dont Lie Hurts

i guess some people lie to make somebody happy and i feel lying to an extent is fine as long as it is not for selfish means and as long as it does not hurt somebody...but people do often lie to save themselves from some trouble or in order to save themselves from an awkward situation not realizing that it may affect other people as well..and that is one kind of lie i hate...

it hurts the most when somebody whom u trust lies to u..and the anger u feel is not only that the person lied to u but more to the fact that probably  the person is taking advantage of you..he knows it that u will believe him and  so he takes an advantage of the trust u show him...and that actually distorts a relationship ....and later even if u want to trust u cant  and  even if u try....  u  keep questioning what  extent you should actually trust the person now...

it is easy to forgive someone but it is really difficult to trust someone who has been constantly lying to you ...even if you try trusting the person again... the question  still lingers "is he worth  it???"
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Yep, I gotcha. Fact is, we lie (at least I do; sometimes) but its like we're all capable of honesty and we're all capable of lies. Its like Nick Cave once said: the ladders of life we scale merrily move mysteriously around, so that when you think your climbing up man, in fact your climbing down.

Your last paragraph hits the nail on the head, thank you, food for thought for my ending relationship with my partner