Lying Is Human Stupidity At Its Finest

 Or at least one part of stupidity. I don't understand the purpose that lying serves. I mean some people say that little white lies here and there are thrown around to protect the feelings of another person. I don't get it! Do people ever sit down and think "fuken A if I get caught I'm going to be in a lot of trouble" or maybe "damn I shouldn't have said that!" I mean really, who invented lying -aside from lawyers and politicians- why do people lie? Are people THAT insecure with themselves that lying becomes their escapade from reality. Look being bluntly honest can potentially hurt someone you love like "umm hun you DO look fat in that dress!" How about "babe that dress doesn't do you any justice, why don't you try this one!" Is it really that hard to be honest but sensitive? Or is that the neurons can't work that fast to come up with something smart and honest to say? Why do they find that its easier to say "no no no BABE YOU LOOK GREAT" when she looks like a cow!! 

I hate lying, I'm NOT a good liar. I hate being lied to. Personally when someone lies to me, I lose respect for them. Cursing at them becomes easier, and looking down at them like they're scum too. Yuppers, I can be mean, but if I'm being disrespected then people shouldn't expect much respect from me. Lying is insulting, plain and simple.

thanatophobic thanatophobic
22-25, F
Nov 23, 2009