Loved Her Dearly..

I am so glad I found this group.. I just need to vent this OUT!!


We worked for an Internet company doing sales. I saw her, she saw me. We didn't care for each others attention. One day I worked the courage to seek her out. It started a simple co-worker friendship that was only in the office, it lead to taking walks on breaks. Then at a charity event that our company was a part of, the friendship grew. I was relcutant to go, she encouraged me to go even though certain people didn't want me to attend (It was a dragonboat race, and I wasn't allowed on the team) At the event we spent majority of the day in each others company and talking. I really got to know her. I would never ever forget what she did to me. I asked her for her phone number. She gave me all but the last digit. It was such a tease. At the time she was dating someone who she knew "would end up bad" When he ended it with her, I was there for. When I lost my job, she felt guilty, she felt it was her fault for making me go to this event. So she promised to help me find another job. Which she did, the job she found is my current job which I LOVE, and was so grateful to her.

 Months pass, we became good friends, and I spoiled her with attention and gifts and she did very little in return. We didn't act as friends when we were together. I asked her several times to date me, and she always gave me 2 excuses. 1st excuse was that she was not ready to date anyone, 2nd the timing was not right. I always told her it's difficult for me to be friends with her because how much I liked her. She wanted to keep me around.

In the summer, we got into a big fight. She decided that it had to end, and we can't be something more. A couple weeks later, she emailed me asking to meet up in 6 months. Which was the dec 09.

During the 6 months we didn't speak at all. I called, email, txt and she never responded. One of the reasons why she ended our friendship was because we couldnt get along as friends. I liked her too much, expected too much from her.

One night in Dec, she was upset while we were on the phones. I asked her what, and she let it slipped forgetting certain details of our history. She said how she has been dating this guy for the past 5-6 months and they just broke up 1-2 months ago. My heart dropped. I knew before she cut it off with me, she still gave me the impression she liked me. I thought she did, but she didn't...

Clearly, she had someone else in mind when I was talking to her..

Her big fat lie, was she wouldn't date anyone, and she liked me. When in reality, she didn't like me, but her actions showed it; and she had someone else in the picture. When she was sure the other guy was better then me. She cut me off, and went for him.

It hurts, it still hurts, and to this day.. I can only say one thing.. I was the fool who fell for her, and the fool to believe the things she told me. When I asked her did she ever like me, she responded by saying: you should've never ever sent that msg. Her response confused me, but what's done is done. After she told me, another fight broke off, and this time, it's done for good. No meeting up in 6 months, no reaching out to her.

I know for sure, our paths will never ever cross again. I hope and pray that a day will NEVER EVER come where I bump into her or see her again.


Maybe I'm a sore loser because she picked someone else, maybe i just cant accept the truth, but there are certain details that I didn't bother writing in here. Didn't wanna bore you with it.

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Feb 10, 2010