He Was Supose To Be My Best Friend.

I've been in a relationship for 8yrs & married for 5. When we first met i didn't let my guard down & i wouldn't until he told me he loved me and cried when we were apart. I let go & fell in love with him. I have never lied to him about anything. I tell him everything. Like every couple in the first years, we had our ups and downs in the relationship. We had hardships were we would have nothing to eat and didn't know how the bills were going to get paid. It would make me want to give up and move on (we were both in College). But we survived by quitting school and both getting jobs to make the bills. Everything was great until I lost my job because it closed down. I was home for six months total. Within the six months I happened to reach under the car seat and pulled out a empty *****,(we agreed together that **** is something for single people) I asked him about it and he lied right to my face i knew he was lying. i even said I was going to call the place it was bought from and ask them to look at their cameras. I brought it up 3 times and he lied right to my face. until finally I said I called them and they described you, he said he bought it for his friend cause they made a bet and that's what he said he'd get him & didn't tell me cause I would've got mad like now. I didn't care about the ***** it was the fact that he lied right to my face 3 times. I'd find **** on his phone and he'd say his brother sent it or he left it in the office and his friend put those on there. But time and time again I'd find it on his phone. It was like he'd try and hide his phone when I would find them on their. A few months later he i didn't realize it but he'd get home and almost the same time of every night his phone would go off or ring. He said he had to do a call for work. It was about 10ish or so. I'd be sleep when he'd get back. He said they were sewer calls and would shower when he'd get home. Then one night around 10ish his phone went off. I grabbed it to give it to him & looked at it-it was a alarm, sounded like a ring tone. I asked why he had a alarm set & he said it was for the morning. Then i thought  how many sewer calls can you have every night when you can do them the next morning. But till this day I still wonder if or what the hell he was doing. Its been another six months and I have a job. I recently found **** on our computer and asked him about it and to no surprise he said they were pop ups and he opens his e-mail. I'm not stupid. I know how to look in places where they still remain in the pc's system which I told him & he said I never believe him. Well maybe I'd believe him if he never lied/lies to me in the first place. He suppose to be my best friend, my everything. I just don't trust him anymore. These maybe lil lies that I caught but what major lies has he told me throughout our 8yrs together. It just bothers me about the late nights because after I confronted him, there were no more calls/alarms every night. I think men are men, I thought he was different. Sorry my story is long.

Nativebeauty28 Nativebeauty28
Feb 13, 2010