I Wounder What Else She Has Lied About.

I was 14 when I overheard a conversation that my mother and my ant had over the phone and they were talking about an abortion and I didnt know who had one was it my mom or my ant. I never said anything about it and I never asked my mother but that always stood in my mind so when I became a parent myself I was more interested in the answer to my question did my mom have an abortion and why. I couldnt understand it I fell in love with my kids the first moment I found out I wae pregnante what would have happend that madw my mother make that disition. Well when I was ready to know I called my mother and I asked her did she ever have an abortion and she denied it. I left it alone and never mentioned it again but I always felt like she was lieing I was 19 @when i asked her when I turned 20 I went to visit her in Fla and she came up to me like nothing and she told me to come to the room she wanted to talk to me. I knew it was something big she confessed she had an abortion when I was 1 but they she talked about it..
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why not ask her these very questions now?

it was like she didnt care about the baby it makes me angry and sad cause it makes me think she could be lieing to me about other things like is my dad who she says he is I mean I could of had a brother or sister. she always told me and my brother and sisters that she never belived in abortions and she had one why? till this day I dont understand why she lied and how many abortions did she have she has never told anyone I wasvthe only person she told.