He’d been changing a lot in the past few weeks, and I finally posted something in my blog I shouldn’t have. Later, I regretted it, and asked him if he had my blog URL. He said no. I figured I could delete it later. However, it turns out he really did have my URL. We got into a fight about it, and he said he needed a few days to think about. He began posting really vicious blogs about me on his blog. I took screen shots of them all. I showed his wife them, and she confronted him. He looked at the blog and said that it wasn’t his, that he hadn’t posted it. Even though it contained details about what I wrote, and it was on his obscure blog.

I also found out that he told her I’d written in my blog that I lied about having panic attacks (which I didn’t). Needless to say, I can’t trust him ever again. He told me he doesn’t want me out of his life and that he’ll talk to me in a few days. It’s not gonna happen. Because of what he’s done, I can never trust him again. I hate it, and I hate the injustice he’s bringing to my life. His wife is going to bring it up again to him later. Can’t wait to see how this goes.

speculumvir speculumvir
18-21, T
Feb 23, 2010