Evening Loneliness

i hate being on my own of a night time.. i have nothing to do but sit with the tv and binge from the fridge.... i soo want to loss a little weight but sitting on my own the fridge calls all the time. the children are asleep and my husband spends all evening on a stupid game. *perfect world* its just a shame his perfect world is cyber and not i not in real life. i dont know how to stop it. i joined an amature dramatic group so i have outside activities but i feel i need to always go out as the front room is boring on my own .... help i dont know how to get my life with my family back.what am i doing wrong or am i really not worth being around. yes i have freinds but i cant depend on them to keep me amused on a daily basis i need by family back

sorry to just explode on here but hey it will never get heard otherwise
xxkitxx xxkitxx
36-40, F
1 Response May 6, 2012

If it is not in the fridge then you wont eat it. Dont buy it.