1) I can't help myself when I see an attractive woman. I go nuts inside.
2) I'm afraid I can't control my sexual urges. My manhood thinks for me and when I release them manually, I feel like garbage; absolute filth! EVERY TIME!
3) I hate how angry I get at the stupidest things. It makes me feel immature.
4) I feel like a less-than-average guy who will always fall behind the stupid jocks and preps who treat women as objects and not people. It makes me really sad. All I want is a wonderful wife and (later) a family. To live for them and love them until I die is my #1 goal. I can die happy if I have that.
5) I hate how men are stereotyped as jerks, rapists, perverts, A-holes, etc.
6) I get really lonely and feel like women only want to be my friend. I'm tired of other men taking women away from me. Even if they're just friends.
7) I think i'm crazy.......
8) I feel like I can't make it in life and would rather be dead.
9) I feel like I'm going to die alone.
10) I hate how women seem to run back to the men who will only hurt them in the end. The kind of men that give us a bad name.
11) I hate how men are disrespected in reality and on TV as morons, idiots, and slaves to women. I hate how they treat us and label us! I am not like them!
12) I feel like all I do is whine, like what I'm doing now. And people will tell me to "man up," "shut up," and "get a job." That makes me feel worthless.
13) I like crying. Not a little, A LOT. Like I've lost everything. It relieves the pain deep inside my heart.
14) I want to be held by a woman.
15) I hate how I am not compassionate. I just can't do it cause I think I'll look like an idiot.
16) I think about being a woman and I'm in bed with someone. Strangely enough it excites me and I ask myself "What are you doing?!" I don't understand it and I probably never will.
17) I don't know who I am. It's like I'm living with multiple personalities, but it's only when I'm alone.
18) I try really hard not to be the man the world has labeled the male species to be. Sometimes It's hard.
19) I get sick of having random/inappropriate sexual urges. In some situations it's all I can think about and the next thing I know I've lost control.
20) I really wish I could have sex but I'm waiting until marriage.
21) I can't stand to lie in bed alone and go to sleep with no one beside me. I want to cuddle too. I just hope I can fight the urges to have sex when me and my wife do cuddle, for her.
22) I wish I could understand women. I feel so stupid when I try not to act like a typical idiot male and end up looking like an idiot myself. I don't want to act differently around my wife than I do other people... but then again I guess I should. Ugh, I don't understand so much! I feel so worthless sometimes!!
23) I feel like I can't make it in this world. I'm to different to fit in right now.
24) I wish I could simply understand myself. Like what I really want, what I need, why I do the things I do, think the way I think, it sucks when I notice I've changed from how I thought I was.

I guess this is over. Hello world. This is a part of me.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

This is exactly how I feel. Its like girls don't want to date guys because they always see them as jerks and people who do nothing but play games all day or drink beer. I'm never given a chance. Maybe it would be easier if I was a lesbian girl?

I don't think you whine a lot. I just think you're tired of the world labeling you when you did not ask for it. They don't know you, yet they assume they have the grand idea of who you are and what you're about.

As a Black, Christian, & American Woman, I am labeled by all these things. If I'm a black woman I must have a lot of baby daddies living off welfare with a bad attitude. If I'm a Christian woman, I must be crazy, not an independent thinker, agree with the cruel things the bible says about women, quick to point and judge others. If I'm an American woman, I'm full of myself, slutty, arrogant, greedy, ungrateful. If I'm a woman, I'm too sensitive, cry too much, always confused/complicated, too needy, inferior, tend to go for the bad guys, underestimated/doubted.

It is a TERRIBLE weight to carry on your shoulders daily. I just try to not let labels stick to me. And I enjoy when I surprise people or prove them wrong when they get to know me. It also comes down to how you feel about yourself and your level of confidence is. I really enjoy when a guy says he's willing to wait until marriage because to me it shows he has self-control and is not centering his life around sex. I don't get to hear or read up on things like this often. It is something I am looking for in a guy if it is ever destined for me to marry. And I think whoever this woman is you are destined to meet, she will love that part of you and appreciate it more. But I think we're all sexually frustrated. Some are able to control it better than others do though. I don't get it. I don't get why we think about it a lot but we do anyways and it can be embarrassing sometimes.