I Question It Everyday

Some days I love being married..... other days I hate it.  And I hate the constant back and forth, rollercoaster ride.   When I was single life was one big crazy but fun rollercoaster ride.   Howver I ventually outgrew all that, wanted a simpler, calmer, more stable life.  So I met my husband, fell in love, got married, though we only have 1 kid.  And life has sucked and been wonderful ever since... but it's about half and half.  I was hoping for more like 70 30, or even 80 20, on the happy part. 

Being married to hubby is like living in boot camp.  I am constantly told how my cook skills, cleaning skills, laundry skills, etc are "wrong."  He argues with everything I say.  He undermines me in front of our kid..., and because he acts like this, our kid thinks it's ok to act like that too.   I feel like hired help to a couple of ungrateful, unappreciatve drill sgts who think I was put on this earth to serve them.

Granted, kiddo is a teenager, she's supposed to act like that, somewhat.  But I am so sick to death my husband showing the rest of the world what a great guy he is, what a great father he is, what a great husband he is, when people are around to see it... but when it's just the two of us, it's just the leftover crap just for me.

So why not leave?  Where would I go?  I gave up my career and hope of finishing college to raise my daughter and so my husband could persue his civilian and military careers.  Hubby has no desire to end our 15 yr marriage, but, I don't know how to stay in a marriage where I am hired help and nothing more.
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Start paying attention to yourself, get up early get dressed, get dolled up for YOU! Pamper yourself. Whatever money you have extra, sock it away for a rainy day, believe me, that :ubby of yours will start paying attention. I made sur my family was taken care of then I started going out with the girls, soon my hubby felt left out and threatened and started making plans for US, I don't know if it will work for you, but when got lazy, I got busy on myself cause only you can make you hapopy.

i had similar experience with hiredhelp, and i did exactly as texie2. i care for myself more. exercise, pamprr myself at salon n spa, wear nice clothes and overall looking better versipn of myself. when people around me take notice, so thus the hubs. its still a roller coaster for me too. but at least i do it in style :) good luck!