He Promised He'll Help..

It's my second marriage.. I should have known better..  My first marriage.. We left it on a good note..  A mutual agreement.  I should have known better than to just jump into another one.. Shame on me.

My new husband..  Sure.. We were in love.. Or lust.. One of the two.. We were dating for about a year.. And then.. Oops..  The pregnancy test.. And I'm positive..  

At first.. I debated.. If I really was ready.. U know?? I guess no one ever is..  Keep in mind.. We were still only dating.. Well, he then proposed..  (All too old fashion.. I should have known better, and declined)

I had my son this year.. February..  I swear.. He was a better father prior to the arrival of the baby..  He at least tried to be there most of the time..

He's works nights, and takes one Calculas class during the day, then spends 4 hours at the math lab.  Anyways..

So I took a few months (3 to be exact) off work.. And it's been like this...

Daily schedule..

He says: "Hey--can you get him? Or see what he needs?  I barely got any sleep--I promise when the semester is over, I'll help"

Next day--is his day off...  Does he do anything around the house? Nope..  Not if I don't do it first.. Then I have to nag to get him to do anything..  If I'm the damn computer, he sure isn't getting off his lap top to do anything.  

His excuse is...  I work all night and have class and don't get home til 1p--then I only get a few hours of sleep, and then I have to get up and go to work, again.

Well, tonight.. It's the same crap, again..

The house is a mess.. I'm protesting.. I refuse to do house work.. Especially since that JERK isn't helping.. And it's his damn night off.

The semester is over next week.. Let's see what happens.. (I ALREADY know things aren't going to be any different--but I could be wrong)--What do you think?

2 Responses May 16, 2009

Leave him...you deserve better. You're not his mother. He should act like an adult and take care of his responsibilities and balance his work, family and educational life as well.

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