My Husband Won't Grow Up

I hate being married. I love my husband and care about him, I just hate the way he acts. I wish I had never met him. I don't know how things would be different but it would be bound to be better than being broke, miserable, mistreated and married to a man who treats me like he does. It's my fault. I should not have married him. I don't know why I did anymore other than thinking at the time it was the right thing to do. I hate being put down all the time. It's not even the kind that goes out and says it, it's the under handed kind of out down. For instance I'm pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. I'm a new attorney and trying to grow a solo practice. Before I knew I was pregnant I had a part time regular joe kind of job. It helped with the bills. The doctor made me quit becasue I can't stand for more than two hours at a time or lift more than ten pounds. My husband promised me he could handle the bills but he can't and its really tight without my pt job. I just passed the bar two months ago so I'm just starting with a practice. I'm busy ab three days a week and am only bringing in 2k a month. I'm exhausted a lot. My husband tells me all I do is sit on my *** and have fun. He acts like I do nothing. He gets mad I don't work full time then get mad when I do work becasue I'm not at home and he gets mad when the housework isn't all done becasue I'm exhausted and he looks around and tells me it's not like there is much to do. That's becasue by the time he gets home I've done most of it but just too tired to finish. And he complains that we don't have enough sex. It's only maybe twice a week but I'm tired and I feel fat and ugly and sex is very uncomfortable becasue of my uterus. It kind of hurts and I'm not in the mood becasue most days he's an ******* to me at some point. He's always questioning me. He wants to know why there is chocolate on the counter who did it and why was it used and who am I entertaining when he's not home. Then we got a new car and originally he was going to take it and let me keep the old one becasue he said he pays most of the bills and if he takes it then he is being screwed over becasue it's not in the best of shape nor pretty. Yet here I am and I do a lot of work too and get no consideration and its my credit that the new car is on and I'm pregnant and he wants me to be in the "unsafe car, that will cause him to be screwed over" if he has to drive. And he says I'm an attorney and why don't I have all these clients yet. It's becasue it takes time. I just hate being married to my husband. I wish I had never met him. Each day I resent that way he acts towards me more and more. He doesn't understand. He doesn't get it. I don't know how to make him understand. He's so selfish and just won't grow up. I'm happy for my baby, I just wish he wasn't the father. I wish he would just go to work one day and not come home. I don't want anything bad t happen, just him to leave. Just go away. Stop bullying me.
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I agree with rjschoch. You have to think about yourself and the baby. The stress, sadness and anger you feel, the baby feels too. Try to block him out or stay as calm as possible until you decide what you need to do. Seems to me you would be just fine without him. Like you said starting a firm takes time and im sure you will accomplish that without someone distracting you.

seems he is jealous,controling,and thinks his status as a man is above you,,,when he should be helping you with the house work ,letting you drive the safer car,,helping you with your pregnancy,,,very selfish guy,,,,sorry but what you have explained about him makes me angry ,,really don't think much about a guy like that,,that only loves himself,,and jealousy is the opposite of love for you