I hate being married. I've been married for 1.5 yrs now. We've lived together for 8 years. My husband is so annoying. He is lazy and needy. All he does is eat, sleep, ****, workout, and ********** to **** videos. He expects me to do all his homework for him. He wants me to cook and bring his meals to him. He expects me to spend money on supplements that I can't afford. I'm about to be in foreclosure because of all his spending demands. He doesn't want me to buy anything for myself. He is responsible for the groceries, but he only buys what he eats and needs. I'm in the grocery store everyday because he wants something extra. Whenever I cook, he eats everything. There's never any leftovers. This would be a good thing except, there is never enough for the rest of us. He only works a couple of hours a day. He won't clean the house. I'll be at work all day, and I will come home to catch him ************ or sleeping. He won't start dinner. He leaves his clothes everywhere! He expects me to do his homework, cook and take care of our kids. Our kids have to stay in their bedroom because he doesn't want to be bothered with them. He gets on Facebook, which he doesn't want me to be apart of, and brags about me and how much he loves me. Little do these people know that my husband is the most selfish man on earth! He has the audacity to act like I owe him for giving me credit on Facebook. He'll grope me and tell me sweet things, but we don't have sex, because he has *********** at least twice before I get home. Whenever he gets invited to a party, he doesn't want me there. If I get invited to a party, he thinks I wrong if I want to go alone. He's such an ***. I despise him. He is not willing to move out. He doesn't want me to move out. There's not a day that goes by that I don't contemplate on how to afford a divorce. He only wants to stay married because it will defame his character if we get divorced. He only goes to school because it gives him something to talk about, and he thinks it makes him look good. He has a high GPA because of all the work I'm doing in his online courses. The classes that he attends have average and below average grades. Yet he'll get on Fb and brag about his GPA. He loves to draw attention to himself. He says he want to help people, but really he just wants them to praise him to others. His ego is nasty big. There's so much more I could say, but I'll save some for later.
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Say bye bye to the waster

Wow your married to a narcissistic ***.....please leave when u can he won't change not w the personality disorder he has

Honey get OUT!!!!! U not his Wife, U r His MAID!!!!!!!

You're good I would drop his *** so fast, he wouldn't know what hit him. After talking and counseling if nothing changes since you have kids involved, you have to plan and set aside money whenever you can as much as you can to get your kids a better life. I'm all for marriage and family, but it's a two way street, and I'm not anybody's fool, maid, nor will I wipe a grown and rusty man's butt.