I ******* Hate Being Married

i hate being married ...i ******* hate everything about it... i hate having to answer to someone else i hate having to be someone elses maid i hate being someone elses secretary i hate working to be someone elses idea of what i should be...i hate not being free...i hate having to ask permission to do things...im 27 and i still feel like i did when i was at home with my parents....maybe its just who im married to but even if i manage to get out of this  marriage i doubt ill ever marry again..i ******* hate it and i think marriage liscences should be like drivers liscences...they should expire after 7 years ..

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I have been married for six years now and I have been miserable for all of it, I want feel like a prisoner that is just counting the years go by. I try to stop as many young people as I can from making the same mistake. I hate my wife so much I won't touch her, sex with her makes me sick.

i have been married for only a year and a half, and 75% of the time i have been misserable I hate it having to please him every day even when i dont want to have sex he wants it and its like i am forced to give it to him i have three step kids and hate having them here i just got married bc i got pregnant and not because i love him this is like torture to me

I have been married for 22 years now and I have been unhappy for at least 10 of them now. I want to be out of this crap! I dont leave because fo the kids, we have 17 yr old twin girls, a 13 yr old girl, and a 11 yr old son. One of the twins just had a baby in March. I feel like I am trapped. I only work part time and I cannot afford to support myself and the kids on part time income, plus I am in school. I feel like I am just stuck in a stupid cycle or hurt, anger, frustration and aggrevation! I am with you 1000% I ******* HATE BEING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got married far too young, agree we should have to wait till we're 35, then at least i couldn't get married yet.I hate being so bitter about, and would love for things to be great, but i just can't be arsed anymore!

Maybe marriage to one person should be the punishment for the "enemy combatants" that we aren't sure what to do with. They are used to having many wives in a couple different countries. We should have them married to one woman that they share a cell with. They could never say that is an unreasonable punishment right? LOL<br />
My marriage is one that most women would be envious of when viewed from afar. My husband is a very intelligent surgeon, used to be good looking (now fat) and has two kids that are similar to the one in Rosemary's Baby (straight form hell for those of you that don't get the reference). I'm bored, angry (he lied to me to get me to marry him) and it's to the point our relationship is making me physically ill. Because of a couple of circumstances I cannot get divorced yet, but counting the days like a prisoner.

Very good comparison! Drivers license is right, and with the organ donor part too cuz they take our hearts and dont return it.

lol yea tell me about it....i think marriage shold be used as some kind of punishment ...lol

Yeah, I wish I new then what I know now. I Also think people should be required to wait until they are at least 35 before they get married lol

5 yrs sounds good to me too actually ...why prolong it anymore than necessary

I agree with you on every point except I think they should expire after 5 years.