Why Am I Such A Loser?

I can't stand me. I wish I was someone who could make friends and feel like I was loved. The few people I truely love and worry about don't seem to care very much. When they do hang out, it almost always feels like it's an obligation to them. I,just for once, would like someone to call me to see what's going on. I'm gonna be 30 soon and I still feel like the same high school loser when I go to sleep every night. I'm just tired of being me.

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feeling the same

Hi, try using your free will. It's your heart's desires, your faith, your guide. Stop using your head, it only compares itself to others, ie. social conditioning. If you utilize your free will even briefly, it will change your life forever. You have the power to change yourself. Hope this helps :)

You still alive?

You want to stop being a loser then do something about it.

Have an image of who you want to be, what you want to do and just go out and work towards that. I know it sounds simplicitic but it really is that simple.

Go and join a gym, look up how to work out properly (google starting strength and follow that program)

Wake up early and start running for 20-30 minutes, guarantee it will make you feel a little better in the morning.

Find a hobby you like, go on groupon and look up current deals in your area. You don't have to do them with people; I myself am tired of people always backing out and making excuses or never appreciating anything I do for them. So I do things for myself. Recently signed up for 1 month of unlimited dance classes through groupon (I can't dance AT ALL, but I sure as hell am gonna learn)

Find other activities that you always wanted to do, like for me I wanna be just decent at singing, not the next Americas idol or w.e but decent enough to be a pleasant surprise.

Occupy your time with these things and constantly write down what you want to do and who you want to be.

You're 34, you have your whole life still ahead of you. And as long as you strive for it there will be a way to get it. Don't give up. You got this.

I am 33 and still don't know what to do in life. I have no real friends and no hope.
I was very ambitious when young and wanted everything and now I am just a biggest loser.

Start going to sleep as early as possible and waking up right before you have to go to work. That's what I do. Sleep is a really good way to avoid the outside world. Wake up and go straight to work and keep busy there. Then you come home exhausted and just go straight to sleep again. Don't eat when you come home because when you eat alone you start to think and then you will get sad. Eat at work before you come home. Then there is no lonely times, just dreams. Right now this is working for me and I'm going to just keep trying to do it till I die. I do not look for comfort in friends or family and refuse to think about starting my own. I don't want to pass on my loser genes and have my offspring suffer as I do. I wish I was a tree instead of a human being. A human being is like one of the worst things you could be right now.


I am in the same boat I am 29 and last real achievement was in ****** highschool football smh I used to think it would change for me bt I come to find out I lack the basic qualities to be a man and atleast accomplish the basic things in life that come so easy for everyone I have become a loser in every aspect from money to friends to confidence as you can see I feel better knowing one day to it'll all be over(death) sad huh? but I'll wake up tomorrow do the best I can to change sumthin and hope it gets better that's all I can do bt Stay strong my friend

hey. i'm a 21 year old girl who's been having an 2 year crisis period ba<x>sed on these kinds of fears.. <br />
<br />
ive basically come to accept the way i am and that i have the power to fill my life however i want from now until i die. im slowly picking up the pieces and driving on with my life. im probably never marrying tho id like to have a kid someday... maybe.. i try not to think of ending up alone since im already pretty much alone. i have siblings and school-uni friends sure, but it hardly makes a difference.. ive moved schools a lot and was abroad for 5 years since i was 12 (tho id come back home in certain periods) but ive never had a consistent set of friends. im okay i guess with people getting married i mean its a fact of life i cant be bitter about it and i shouldnt feel that i necessarily need to change or that im defective. ive decided to make my career my focus.. i also have many interests .. i enjoy reading about the world, interacting with people online.. music.. think of it this way, we come to this world alone (unless ur a twin lol) and we will die alone so if we feel alone on earth then that's okay.. the world is basicaly 1 big ship (like titanic).. the iceberg is death which we will all experience.. but not together and no one can tell us what it feels like.. so no matter where u are in the world, whatever u may be doing, imagine ur in the ship.. maybe ur in a different cabin.. there are many cabins and all that.. whenever u feel alone imagine u are looking out of a cabin window onto the sea.. everyone is either next door or below or above.. but never forget the ship.. also look at doing travels like couchsurfing which is free and visiting pubs, doing community service, going to old folks homes..

oh guy, I can advise you to adopt Islam , it will help, it will change your life, you'll become more self-confident and idependent from other people. You will start a new life and find new muslim friends, you'll be a brother for them, they will help you to get through all the problems you have- money, dwelling, and etc. P/S I do Not want to offend anyone, that's just my opinion. Bye

i can totally relate to you lovessb. i hate myself too, i hate seeing myself in the mirror. i have done stupid things to myself, i thought they would make me feel better, but they didn't. i pray every single day for god to take my life away. I'm sorry we feel this way, i hope we get better soon.

I wish it were that easy but I've felt this way since I was a kid. I can't remember the last time I went to bed and I didn't hate everything that is me. I've been to countless therapists and been on differentedications but nothing works. I'm just tired of feeling worthless.

dont be so hard on yourself bro believe me that most other people feel the same kind of things at times accept yourself for who you are then others will do the same ..... if they dont they are not usually worth bothering with ....i battled with the same kind of feelings for many years ...........i now am happy and content by deciding to be the person i am and have always been..... trying to be what i thought others wanted me to be is what had made me so unhappy i am soon to be 47 so dont worry that the looming thirty mark is approaching for you it was only at about that age that i started to realised the stuff i needed to do to make me the happy person i am now (sorry this is so rambling but i still have probs explaining myself}<br />
regards keith

Things are a little different when you're 30 then when you're 17. See how you feel when everyone you care about(or cared about) get married and have kids or have great careers and you're still the same guy(basiically). I do appreciate what you said though and I wish you well in what ever you do in the future.

Hey my name is monica and i know it sounds kind of wierd and stupid to listen to a 17 year old, but i stop by and read what you thought about your life and i really hate to here people say that about themselves, your always going to have your ups and downs and yes lifes going to hit you hard but you know god those that for a reason and i know god has a very special thing for you just waiting there so dont give up and embrass yourself.always remember that you get one life and you have to live it i hope these works for you and if it those and you need someone to talk to please send me a message i would love to talk to you. Monica Pelayo:)