I Hate Bein Bisexual!

Ok it all started when i met them. It changed my life and the way I am now. It made me into a bisexual something im really not proud of. It happened one night when I was little I was around 12 they where around 14-15. It happend to me young. I was a really kinda a wild child and I did alot of stuff a person my age shouldn't do. For example i lost my virginity when i was 9 ha ha i know bad right? Well anyway like I said i did alot of wild things for my age like drinking. And yea that is what changed me. He and I got really drunk. Well maybe just i did i cant remember. Well now that i look at it yeah it was just me. And they just took advantage of me. And it like ruined my life. I dont no whether i want to punch him or thank him . It really changed me but it also ruined me. Like seriously i never thought a guy could get raped but it did and I was and i feel like a whimp over it. But yea i dont no whether it was rape or what but i remember I really didn't want to do it. But really people tell me its a good thing to be bi and you should be proud of it. But i really do hate it. It makes people look at you differently and it makes you feel differently and also people say its just a phase but its really not i just cant change it what so ever. Trust me i've tried before its one crazy good/ bad thing. Em i wrong to believe this...? I only told a couple people the only people I can really trust with it because its a really big thing for me and im really not so proud of it.......

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You were sexually molested, not by adults but by other teens that changed your natural sexual development. Also by parents who obviously did not look after you properly. You should never had these experiences. But you can't change the past. But you can keep it from controlling your life. These bi sexual feelings may never go away, however, they never have to be acted upon either. It's just part of your life that you keep to yourself and enjoy. Focus on getting a girl friend and if you find a girl that you can trust, talk to her about it. Don't keep it in the closet, at least with her. She may help you get past these feelings and if you find the right girl, she may incorporate your feelings into her and your sex lives. You'd be surprized how many bisexuals are married and have happy marriages. It may be kinky but who knows what goes on behind closed doors.(:

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I would love to offer my time and advice to help you out but in return I'd like to prod and poke you with questions until there's absolutely nothing left of you that makes you feel like this because I think you just need to get it all out your system cause it seems like it's all swelling up inside. It won't be nice but I do know a little of how you feel and would be open to discuss anything aslong as it helped.<br />
I experienced lesbian sex at the age of 7 with my bestfriend but that messed me up alot I think coz I started behaving like a boy and dressing like one after that - fingers, tongue, flibbin - and my 1st time with a guy when I was 15 (ok so old enough to deal but still) I was forced by my own boyfriend and dumped straight after the whole time he was taking **** out of me so kinda know enough bout pain and anger and dealing with being taken advantage of :) message me x

It's really good to get these things out and off your chest. Have you ever thought about going to see a counsellor or therapist for your troubles? They appear to me to be quite complex and deep for you and I really think it would be a good idea if there was someone who you could talk to in-depth about it to. It doesn't say where you're from on your profile, but you do say that you support Hilary Clinton, so I presume you're from the US. Hence, http://www.americanpsychotherapy.com/therapist.php should help you find one. Any decent therapist will offer a reduced rate or even go free for a minor having been through so much. <br />
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Take care, mi love.

I think Mitosis is right.