Why Did God Make Me Like This

i am a 17 year old girl, i found out i had bipolar, ODC , and senceary intergration disfuction , alot to handle for a little girl, i was only nine when i found this out. still i was strong , there is meds, theripist, doctors appointments mentors , everything still at this point. i feel really different from other teens, im ''special needs" i try to not let that stop me but its hard at times and i pary at night sometimes asking god "why! why did u make me like this ,if i cant handle it then why am i like this , i dont understand. still i havent gotten that answer. and i feel sad and deppressed that i know im not the same, i feel like an outcast at times ,i cant do anything about it but i try my best to be and know that there is a light at the end of every tunnel and i will see that through. anyone with these problems
knows how it feels.. please keep strong .. you will find the light at th end of that tunnel
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this guy "an EP user" -is good! Definatley knows his stuff.

I especially like how you mentioned "loving thyself, as you would love thy neighbor" ! ")

I thank you. I really do hope it helped.

Your only 17 and I know your looking some type of idealized life but there isn't any. Only the life that you make yourself. But I appreciate your feelings. I've seen a psycotherapist the biggest part of my life and I asked the same question.
Life is a learning process. I believe that is what we're here for. Everybody's dealt a different hand and has to work it through and move on to other lessons.
What can be learned is how to love yourself and that is your most serious problem, not the disability. Do you remember that song, "The Greatest Love of All". Your a creation of God and God doesn't make junk. You must be patient with yourself. Your really no different than anyone else. You have 2 eyes 2 ears, and 2 legs just like everyone else. So what's the real difference. Your attitude. That's the bipolar coming out of you. When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself "Anew day that's never been before and never will be again, I'm going to force myself to focus on others, not my own shortcomings. As you meet people throughout your day, watch out for people that may use your help, Savor the food you are about to eat being reminded of how many other go to bed starving. Learn to laugh at life and it's ironies.
Remember the commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self? God expects you to love yourself. You may have shortcomings but he also gives you gifts. That's what you want to focus on and develope. Then at the end of your days you will be able to say" The world is a little better off because I've lived.

i wish you the best. this is only a suggestion ; why not try arts? painting ,poetry,

singing karoake -sober :)