Don't You Just Hate It?

You are fighting fairly with your friend and he attempts to quote back what you have said to him and it is the freaking total opposite of what you have said?  Or you are arguing with your sister and she comes back and says you told her XY and Z when you really told her A B and C?  Gosh this ticks me off so much.  I sometimes just want to take a tape recorder and then play back what I have said and then tell the person, "see dumb butt quote me accurately or not at all please!"  Okay I am done venting.  (Thanks to Lacey's groups I have been able to do a lot of this tonight.  I think she must be a relative of mine because we have a lot of the same gripes lol)

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5 Responses Mar 16, 2009

It happens a lot and is maddening.<br />
Here is the solution<br />
Ask the person to whom you are talking, to repeat back what they think you were saying. That's a quick way of picking up discrepancies. You find that they are either not listening or putting their interpretation on what you have said.

It is easy. I just need to know what was said then within a split second i could have 10-20 things to come back with.

Oh Ar, Please? Will you?<br />
<br />
Flour, and don't you just hate it?

I could teach you some good insults if you like.

this has happened to me too. i dont mind it if its what ive said but usually they screw the words up or turn them around.