I don't know how or why or when or where, but I think when I was little, I promised someone that I would try to be as kind as I could to anybody I came across with. It's why I've always been afraid of hurting one's feelings or damaging someone's reputation. But it's not always a good thing. Heh, kinda funny to think if it was a good thing at all. I can't count the times I was too afraid to express myself, or ask out a chick, or didn't take a chance because I was too afraid that the other person would think, "Wow, this guy's an a-hole".

What a stupid promise. Sometimes I force myself to try to impress someone I don't even know and won't know for a while just so I don't get on bad terms with them. So I didn't learn how to express myself because I thought I would get on bad terms with my dad, so I didn't ask out that chick because I thought we would lose our friendship and become awkward, and I didn't that chance because I thought he would think I was an a-hole.

Well, I'm not gonna break my promise, but if you're gonna be on bad terms with me for no reason, you might as well leave my life; you're only straining it.
DekuBoy DekuBoy
18-21, M
Aug 15, 2011