Is He Just Toying With Me?

I'm totally smitten over a person who doesn't seem to be as interested as I am. We've been seeing each other casually for a few months. It's been nice. We have an amazing chemistry that he even acknowledges when we are together. However, It's at a point now where I want a commitment or move on. I told him that I'm going to date other men because I want a relationship and when that happens I can't be hanging out with him anymore. He got very upset and jealous. He told me that he was catching feelings for me and didn't want me to see other men. I said okay, that I am absolutely cool with that providing he commit to me and we go steady. I discussed this with him almost a week ago and he seemed interested yet indecisive. I let him know that I simply need to have this talk with him because I don't want to get hurt by finding out he's dating others.

He told me that he is sorry for being so slow in making a move towards a relationship, but that he guesses he's afraid of getting hurt. This sounds like complete BS. Anyway, I don't understand how on one side he says he wants monogamy but seems so hesitant and indecisive when I mention being in a "relationship". Don't the two go hand-in-hand? He has been making more effort since to contact me more than usual, but as usual he is still keeping me at a "safe" distance. I hate this, not knowing if I'm waisting my time or not!
belladee23 belladee23
22-25, F
May 11, 2012