Okay first off, I'm not homeless poor but I also struggle. I'm still in high school, and I don't have a job at the time being. I feel like expressing myself right now, so if I offend anyone if anyone reads this I apologize. My best friend is a white male, he is less wealthy than the other white kids I know. First off where I live it's separated off by race and your wealth status. I'm Mexican and I live in the poorer Mexican part. Where there are apartments and such. My friend lives in the white part, where it's descent. He can never afford a $5 dollar ticket to the movies but he can afford 17 guitars. He always complains to me about crap he doesn't have and wishes he had but yet he doesn't see what he was. My father once told me "I'm happy being poor. I'm happy being at the bottom of the wealth status, because rich people are used to getting what they want but if something fails and they go from rich to poor they won't survive, they'll feel as if their world is ending. But me? If the economy goes bad again, we will survive because we live this way forever." those words stuck with me, and will always stick with me because as much as I may dislike him he can be smart. The point is I just wish my friend could see that he has it way better than me. I'm Mexican and I'm seen as poor, as an illegal and all of these other names. I know I'm much better than what I get called. I'm a really smart student, I'm in all Honor classes at school including AP classes, I go to school during the summer to take extra classes. My friend fails classes, he is totally fine with getting and F. I bust my *** so that I get be able to get into a college of my dreams, while he sits on his *** and won't worry about such things. Now, I love my friend dearly and he isn't the worse. I have a friend who was closer to me before and she is rich. Lives in a big home and has a lot of cars and gets to go on expensive yearly trips. She too doesn't do well in school, claims her life to be a mess and gets anything she wants but still complains. It's the little things that **** me off about our society and the opportunity the white community gets versus us minorities. She gets free lunch at school while I only qualify for reduced. WTF. My dad barely makes enough to feed us, my mother doesn't work every day. It's not because she doesn't want too but it's because there is no jobs for people like us. My friend's family own construction sites and real estate but still she gets to not worry about school fee's like lunch. What gets me most, is that she complains and doesn't even eat the lunch lol. Back to my other friend, he even tricked his dad into buying him a $300 dollar camera. This year I wanted to get a new backpack because my old one will rip soon this year. My sister works at a good place and gets a lot more money than my parents. I asked her for $20 dollars so that I can buy this backpack. Unfortunately it sold out. I was too afraid to ask for ten dollars more because I feel like she could use those thirty dollars for something better than a backpack. I couldn't even face my dad to ask him for the money because he had payed almost 500 dollars on my school enrollment. Ugh. I don't hate being poor, I hate rich people not appreciating what they can afford and what they have.
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hats off young lady ... you got to be proud of your self.

Oh and thanks for posting the rant it was interesting and you seem to be managing and doing pretty well that's good
And sorry that last thing there got a bit weird.. I think

Well I really do agree as I think most people probably are a bit too materialistic and

Well I certainly do get your point and we probably aren't much better at appreciating what we have here in Norway though at least we are better at distributing what we have with free schools and a good Social Security system for those that are unemployed maybe a bit too good as we even have a name for people who sit around and just live of social security and progressive taxation (the more you earn the more you pay in taxes and you also earn more)
And there isn't much race stuff but there are some people who have some qualms about some immigrants and stuff believing they only cause trouble and leech of us.
But all in all I think Norway is a pretty good country though it is far from perfect.