Montana Not A Paychecks Dream

My husband and I live in Montana, a beautiful state full of wonderful outdoor experiences but unfortunately a horrible plavce to try to earn a living. I am a teacher and he works for the local University. We are both state employees and recieve state benefits, yet we are sooo poor. We live so frugally we never take vacations, let alone drive anywhere far due to gas prices, we never eat out or go out, we never rent movies, we never do anything unless it is 100 percent free because we can't. We have three children. We are about to be on food stamps we shop and the food bank. We are soo underpaid. Yes, I do have insurance, but my medical bills for having a baby are over 4000.00 dollars , so my insurance basically sucks. Yes, my pregnancy and labor was low risk. It is so hard to stay positive when you work and work and you can never get ahead. it would be one thing if we lived beyond our means by purchasing lavish gifts, clothes, etc..but we don;t. we don't have cable or any frills at our home. If it weren't for grandparents and thrift stores our children wouldn't have clothes.
It is so embarrassing. I have lost friends because I can never go out and do anything with them because I cannot afford it. They think I am blowing them off etc...I am too embarrassed to tell them the reality of my life.
I think we would be okay if we didn't have medical bills, student loans, and regular bills to pay but we always will. We are even debating on finding work in another state where people get paid a livable wage. My husband only makes 28k as a teacher and production manager at a University! I make 28k as a teacher with a Masers degree!! It is ridiculous/ Childcare is 1600.00 plus a month so we basically live off of one paycheck. Try feeding 3 kids and 2 adults on 28k a year plus pay bills. Our one child in school gets free meals! You would think the state would be embarressed that a couple that work for the state have to be on federal assistance programs to feed their children based on wages!
I am not sure how many more years of this we can take. Staying strong and postiive is soo difficult. I know despite how poor we are there are others far worse. I feel guilty even complaining, but sometimes you just gotta vent! Thanks for listening!
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

28k sounds like a dream to me.
This is why I'm not having kids! I couldn't even afford a pet!
Everything sucks right now. There are no decent jobs. We are all grossly underpaid.
I am so sorry you are so stressed. I'm right there with you. Things have got to change...