The Jacket

I bet it's nice to go where ever you want whenever you want.. I can't do that because my parents are struggling to keep a family of 8 supported... It is so hard.. And when i see something that is expansive that i want all i do is look at it wishing that i had it.. like a jacket i wanted so bad one time..

I was on the internet looking for a new game for my GameCube when those were still in style.. They were usually cheap and my mom had enough money one time that she could afford a game for us to share but then while i was on the computer i decided to go ahead and look up some nice clothes.. i seen a jacket and it was like $100 and i was looking at it when my mom walked in and seen it.. She asked me if i wanted it and i said yes and she said she would help save some extra money to buy it like we did the Game..

All i felt was guilt because she can't just go out and get us something like normal people can.. She felt worthless and i felt so guilty for asking.. I never mentioned it again and she forgot about it.. I wanted it so bad.. But i couldnt do it and that is because i know the worth of other things.. But it isn't fun struggling for money all the time and not knowing if there will be a meal on the table that night..

Things have lightened up, we have a new land lord and she treats us very respectful and helps us with out house and stuff..
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Hello HeartAndWings. Your story moved me so much. I grew up in a similar situation with 5 siblings in a low income household so I can relate about the money situation and the frustration. Hang in there, once you graduate you will have more freedom. After I graduated I had many goals and knew I didn't want to end up like my mom so I left home soon as I could, got a job and I remember feeling so proud of my first paycheck and being able to use it on myself or whatever I wanted. Go after your goals and stay focused. You will get there. Godspeed, I hope everything works out for you.

<p>I can understang your pain, but there is a single good thing with bad time - "its not permanent". You know nothing is permanent . I sugest you if you are good in studys & you get more then 60% marks in every exam then please do your study , dont worry about prolems , after geting a good course certificate with good % I guess you will get good job.<br />
if you get 55% or less then it then make your studys secondary & do any part time job.<br />
try to start your own business. ( dont feel shame with any small business coz small business will give you money & money will shut all laughing mouths ) .<br />
try to get some loan from any bank. dont fear to takeing loan coz things wont more worst,<br />
bank will lock your business only if you wont pay all loan. if you feel it is dificult to geting loan then contact any "Company Chartared Accountent " he will help you with his small fees. <br />
A famous indian monk Swami Vivekananda Said : Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin; to say that you are weak.</P><br />
<p>Best of luck my friend,<br />
Best Things are wainting for you !!!</P><br />
<p>Regards,<br />
Rony King <br />

Thank you so much for the help.. i know it wont last forever and i will talk to my mom about this stuff thank you..