Newly Pregnant And Hating It

So, I feel like a horrible person, and because it is so early in the pregnancy I haven't told anyone except my husband about being pregnant, and I know we are so blessed to have conceived. But I am SCARED. I hate being pregnant so much already - I hate that I have to avoid happy hours after work, I hate that I can already feel bloated and my stomach just a little bit puffier, I hate that I have to wait 34 more weeks to have this baby. All of this makes me not only feel so guilty, but also scared of what is to come over the next 34 weeks and how much more awful it is going to be. At this point I don't even feel like I'll be able to deal with this for that much longer :(

Anybody else ever feel this way??
pregnantandhatingit pregnantandhatingit
3 Responses Apr 12, 2012

I hate it too! I'm 3 months along and don't get why people do this more than once. I'm not sick or anything but I hate my lifestyle change. My husband still gets to drink and smoke while I can't do anything. It used to be so fun and now I'm just missing out. These mood swings are horrible and I can't sleep. Whoever likes this is a glutton for punishment! Never again!

than you soooo much for that! i feel like a horrible person because I really just don't want to be pregnant - it's almost like resentment is filling me because already my whole life has changed and i'm not adjusting to it. seriously the thought of 34 more weeks of this has got me in such a horrible mood that i don't feel like talking to anyone. my mom says "oh you'll get attached and excited when you feel it move eventually" and that just makes me angrier!! ugh i feel so out of control and i hate it, and im scared i wont be able to work the whole way through but i have to - i love my job and value my career too much to let this pregnancy/baby change that. :(

YES!!! I had my daughter 3 months ago. I was sick as hell and wishing I'd never gotten pregnant. My husband had a vasectomy reversal so we could have her. I said I kinds regretted it one day and my husband gave me the ugliest look. That started my resentment towards him that remains today. A husbands job is to just shut the **** up, listen and be there. I'm the one carrying the baby, gaining the weight, sick etc etc.... It got better though. I wasn't sick like that the whole time. Disappeared around 15 weeks. I hate having to be the one to make all the sacrifices and men escape physically unscathed. Sucks. But it is what it is. Do yourself a favor and make this the only or last kid u have. I'm not doing this again. I felt powerless while I was pregnant. My body wasn't mine, I couldn't eat or do what I wanted. I felt like reality dissipated. 3 months after having her I'm finally starting to feel a little more normal. Watch out for PPD. I was depressed about my changing body while pregnant, the hormones are ridiculous!!! Just know that there is an end in sight. Do lots of walking too! Know that you are not alone in this and you are entitled to feel however you want. Your body is in overhaul right now. Good luck mama!!