7 Weeks And I Hate It!!!

No I don't feel bad that i hate being pregnant. This is not my first pregnancy and I have horrible all day nausea and vomiting that last a few weeks before my due date. Sometimes I need to go to the hospital to get hydrated. I'm a mess at work and home. And I'm due for a cervical cerclage next month.I hate being pregnant and I'm ready for Dec 19th. I hate it and I'm miserable.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I hear you and I am with you. Also not my first pregnancy. Also, I suffer from all day nausea (luckily "only" til about 20 weeks) and spend all my energy struggling to stay hydrated (drinking makes me gag), though I secretly dream of having to be admitted to the hospital and have an IV and just lie down and not move for weeks and not try so hard to stay alive and healthy. Also-I get bad lower back and sciatica/hip pain from about 7 weeks making it impossible to sleep. I know I should just feel lucky. I hate that I hate being pregnant!