Pregnancy - Not How I Pictured It

When my older sister was such a wiener and whiner during her pregnancy, I chalked it up to a strength of character/personality defect. I always pictured myself as this spry, active, fit, food conscious pregnant lady as I was very healthy and active before the nausea set in. I wasn't going to let it get ME down. WELLLL, we don't get to decide these things. I am at 27 weeks and still nauseous, ever since week 6. It is really hard to be this way since nausea is such an insidious unpleasant feeling. At least with outright pain you can take a painkillers. In the beginning, I toughed it out for over a month before asking for medical help with it; I was throwing up repeatedly through the night to the point of bile, and was thinking I was going to have to quit my job since I couldn't function. The doc prescribed me Zofran, which makes it better, but not completely gone. I certainly don't feel like exercising (I was finally honest with myself and cancelled my gym membership, I haven't been in since December). The cornucopia of healthy foods I thought I would eat is often just whatever I can oblige myself to consume (cinnamon rolls, simple carbs, etc,). Sometimes it is hard to brush my teeth without gagging. Sometimes I feel like I can't even do a load of laundry and I just sit on the floor with my head on the couch cushions. My standards for housecleaning have slipped.
Normally, I like to be busy with projects, I know how to use power tools and would be building a picnic table and who knows what else if I felt better. On a good day nausea-wise a couple of weeks ago, I got up the gumption to wash our little travel trailer, and boy my upper back sure showed me afterwards! Maybe it had to do with the relaxin hormone or just too much recent inactivity. I'm still going to physical therapy to try to get the knots out so I can sleep at night without my back spazzing out. It's disappointing to perceive myself in a way I never wanted to appear (lazy, unhealthy, weak), but it is enlightening as well - I shouldn't have judged my sister! Anyways, really, I am so happy to be able to have a child so I shouldn't complain too much, especially because I also have Lupus and everything is going well so far on that concern. My husband is really great too, he tries to get me to eat and will fetch me whatever I ask for (although I try not to abuse that too much). I can tell he feels bad for me and wishes he could fix me. I just had NO idea that my biggest concerns would actually NOT have to do with the Lupus at all!
mstafford mstafford
May 21, 2012