Just To Confused To Function

My husband and I just found out we are expecting. I suffer from bipolar and clynic depression, and I have never been so miserable in my life. I hate this experience, I dont want the baby, and all I do now is stay angry and sad. I strongly dislike children. I do not want any. But my husband does not support abortion or adoption {he was adopted} I on the other hand fully support abortion. I do want to carry this thing to term. But I also know that there has been growing tension between he and I due to the fact that his family is certifibly nuts. I refuse to speak too them, I dont go around them, and I damn sure dont want to have a child that will be around them. But due to this tension, I know an abortion will probably end my marriage. But I have known for 3 weeks now about the pregnancy, I am not happy, seeing baby items and babys make me physcially sick. Hearing the word baby disgusts me, especially when it is used in the same sentence referring to me. I need advice or something. Help?
ashnhill ashnhill
Sep 24, 2012