Hate It

I feel lost and depressed since everyone thinks babies are a blessing, I'm 31 and never wanted kids. I always had a nice body, fun free spirited life and now I feel like its over. I grew up as. Ballet dancer, and now teacher and I can't imagine my life now or after the baby...
I hate my life right now
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I totally understand what you are going through. I am going through the same thing. I never wanted kids but now I have to deal with the reality that I am having one. My body, my hormones my life!!! I feel like it's over. Soooo sad and no one seems to understand.

Honey if you didn't want the baby then why did you get pregnant? Use a freaking condom--take birth control if you hate it so much if it's ruining your life so much then why do you have it? Pregnancy isn't for everyone

If you want to judge people go to texas

So, get rid of it.

So murdering the baby is your bright idea?! Wow. I feel like if you abort a human life (baby,unborn, fetus) what ever you want to call it, there should be the same penalty as there is if you kill a child/ infant. ie life inprisonment etc. if you don't want the baby you are having then by all means give it up for adoption and let it have life. Instead of being a monster and killing an innocent child. Why must women kill their own flesh and blood living inside if them? Because women are truly selfish and vane at times, and sadly some NEVER change or "grow out of it". Sad that your advice to this already disturbed pregnant woman is to kill her baby. If that's what is on your mind maybe you should seek help. Or at the very least keep your inhuman thoughts to yourself.