Only 2 Weeks, But Naucious and Sad

I think I'm only 2 weeks, we're going in for the ultrasound in two weeks. My fiancee and I rarely have sex, so I'm always horny now. But one of the few times he actually bothered doing it "for me" (I dress conservatively, but am very attractive, used to be a working non-nude model) I got pregnant! I feel hideous now.

My breasts are ACHING and I began feeling naucious immediately! I am in college and I want to stick it out to the end of the quarter. But it takes everything in me to keep from gagging during class. And the stomach pains of my uterus stretching aren't that pregnant.

The best part of it all:

Kids never appreciate all you do for them. I feel so depressed.

My boyfriend/ fiancee is a total tight wad... in regards to me and the baby! His car payments are astronomical, he won't consider selling it his pricey love, but wants ME to cut back by not having health insurance. I don't go shopping and I'm very frugal. What an a s s h o l e!

It's getting easier and easier to hate him because of this whinny childish ways and him complaining about being tired. While feeling all alone and depressed, I've never felt more tired. I'm naucious 24/7 and the worst part... I wake up at night feeling naucious and can't sleep. I literally feel like throwing up all day.

Everything smells bad and nothing tastes good. Everything make me feel naucious.

YAY! My life sucks. Oh and none of my friends can relate and I'm scared what my Mom will say. My boyfriend is black and she said she didn't want me to have, "polka dot babies".

Atleast I'm supported. I'd have an abortion if I was atheist, but I feel obligated to keep the little bastard.

This pregnancy sucks... oh and twins run in the family. GREAT!

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Yeah, well I think I was upset and said things about my fiancee because I was mad and miserable. He does sweet things like cook and kiss my tummy, but is a bit selfish. I think we can work things out financially. :)<br />
<br />
I actually regret what I said about him. I do love him.

While I'm usually a "happy" person, I'll confess during both of my pregnancies I was hateful, hateful, hateful! Someone once looked at my face and said, "Oh! YOu have that beautiful pregnancy 'Glow' about you!" To which I replied," That's no beauty glow... that's me pissed at the world!" lol. And it was true! I had numerous negative symptoms of pregnancy, and like you, I was in unstable home/relationship environments! When your mind and body are at their WORST, you tend to forget about the 'bundle of blessing' going to delivered. Your best revenge?: Raise this baby not to be like the '********' you're dealing with now! ... and take ALL the credit when someone compliments the child's success! lol. <br />
Still, you got a long way to go, and alot to deal with ... if you need to talk or vent about it... come this way! Believe me, I UNDERSTAND!!