Hate Being Pregnant.. Can't Wait For It to Be Over..

If one more person tells me to "enjoy my pregnancy".. I think I'll just scratch their eyes out! Whats to enjoy? I can't play any sports - golf, tennis, squash - which are my passion and form such a huge part of my life.. I can't even have a few drinks to let off  some steam as I either get heart burn or start feeling guilty for having one in the first place - even tho its absolute nonsense that pregnant women can't even have a glass of wine! None of my clothes fit.. so looking semi-respectable is a major accomplishment.. I feel like I'm at the top of Mount Everest all the time with no oxygen in my lungs.. my legs and arms feel weak and weird.. and to top it all off.. Ireland have the first opportunity in 61 years to win the Grand Slam this weekend if they beat Wales.. and everyone but me is going to Cardiff to watch the game!! I'm 35 weeks today.. on my first.. so high chances are that I'll be late.. but if anyone has any suggestions other than the spicey food (which by the way I lost any taste for when I got pregnant), going for walks (which is tricky as I get a stitch like pain in my side within about 100 yds) and sex for speeding this hellish experience up..(not a problem!)... please bring them to the table.. They will be much appreciated!! Ooh.. there he goes again stretching...arrrgh.... "yes honey... I want you to come out too so we can start having the real fun".. x :O)

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

best of luck....

I have never liked being told what to do - and now this? I'm the parent, shouldn't I be in charge?? Oh well, only (minimum) 20 more boring time wasting, mind numbing, soul crushing more weeks to go.<br />
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You are almost there - good luck!

I love you. I totally agree.<br />
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What's to enjoy?<br />
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I cannot wait until I can get my body back and have a few drinks to unwind. This is SO ANNOYING.<br />
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I have never been this fat and felt so annoyed in all my life.<br />
I HATE looking like a potato.<br />
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I'm with you, a million percent.

I've got no advice for you. Just endure, it's bound to happen sometime! lol<br />
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