Pregnancy Is For the Birds

Let's start off with how I told myself from the age of 8 I would never get pregnant. But no, I did. Lucky me!! Yea, right. I was supposed to get an abortion, but isnt it just my luck that I get sick and have to go in the hospital, and lets not discuss how everyone ganged up against me and said oh, she doesn't really want an abortion. Who the Hell is anyone to tell me what i want and dont want. Then I constantly keep getting sinus infections. I hate my body!!! And I'm only twenty weeks. According to everyone else I'm so small!! But reality is when your used to being 103 pounds 118 is some bull. And it doesnt help that I have asthma so every day I wake up and cant breath. Every night I go to sleep and can't breath. And let's not get started on how people feel the constant need to tell me I cant get tattoos while pregnant, shouldnt drink this or eat that, and I need to get tested for this or that. I hate being pregnant and I cannot wait until this whole experience is over, and I my fiance can be satisfied with his kid, my mom can see her little grandchild, and they can all leave me the hell alone in a room to myself!!

sweetyac sweetyac
1 Response Mar 27, 2009

Oh I know how you feel!! And whenever I call people on the b&**s%&t of all the things pregnant ladies can't do I get something like "Well most mothers would rather be safe than sorry"!!! Well there is a such thing as taking safety too far! I guess those are the people that make their 12 year olds ride in booster seats still, and wear helmets to toboggan. Losers, my kid is going to be badass and I've never chosen safe than sorry! Just wait until their loser kids are too scared to ever leave home and my kid is climbing mountains in Peru or some crazy thing.<br />
I am holding out that once the baby is born you will probably fall in love with it, I hope it makes it all worthwhile. And if not, at least be good to him/her so they'll put you in a nice retirement home when you're older!!