Slowly Losing It

Just came back from the doctors and once again i'm pissed i can't even control my emotions anymore. I hate my family, my stupid ex, and this baby 28 weeks and i gained 18 f***** pounds! I never wanted kids and now im stuck with this little thing that will most likely look like him when she is born. I can't handle being a mother i dont want to deal with this anymore, i dont care if my family and everyone else thinks im weak. I rather give her up for adoption than be one of those mothers that snaps one day. I can really see it, i dont know what i was thinking but it obviously wasn't the smartest idea that i have. I can't make it the rest of the trimester i hate this soo much i wish i could just die! but of course this is my punishment for being an *** all my life so now my life sucks. I wish god would take me out of my misery.

tieroll tieroll
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I understand completely, I felt the same way with my first pregnancy and I hate that I am pregnant now. The difference between my last and this one is that now I feel alone, like I am invisible to everyone. You probably know that you will be the one to have to raise this little girl to be a woman even if you and your baby daddy were going steady.

i'm sorry to hear this hon....there's nothing wrong with giving your baby up for adoption, you have much to live for. you are not weak, your family cannot live your life for you nor can they know what you are truly going through. in the end, this is your situation.

awww message me if u need to talk :)