Photo Of My Cleavage

I was under the distinct impression that EP is a site for ADULTS and adult minded people, but clearly, I was very wrong. EP has removed my cleavage photo from my profile. I feel aggravated and hurt, because all the reasons for removing my photo (given by EP) are simply not valid. My photo is not hurting anybody, not obscene, not copy righted; in fact, there is no reason whatsoever why my photo can't be displayed on my profile. I suggest that EP stop harrassing certain members and allow members to decide for themselves what photos are to be posted on their profiles.
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18 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I agree it's bs. I also had a photo removed. It was a pic of a breasts in a sheer black bra. It was removed only after I made the mistake of adding EP to my circle of friends.

I saw nothing wrong with the picture you had. I also like your current picture very sexy

How come I saw really explicit ones?

I am new to EP but I have heard similar stories from numerous other people. Many of the photos they have removed are more tame than what you see outside everyday. Hell if Disney can show cartoon woman with their boobs bouncing and about to fall out (Beauty and the Beast) then I agree, why does EP have two standards to the rules??? This lady cannot show her big toe but this woman getting her brains screwed out by three guys is ok to post as a profile photo!

I have written messages that had no sexual sayings and was told by the nanny police that it was inappropriate to send. So I post it on the scribble and it's OK. What the hell is up with that.<br />
<br />
A private message is inappropriate but a public one is OK? The nannies here are sick.<br />
<br />
I have seen men,s ***** as avatars and cleavage is wrong. Give me a break.

Hey,<br />
<br />
Saw that EP asked you to remove a photo of your 'clevage' because it was offensive. <br />
<br />
Ask them then what they plan on doing for this:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
Good Luck<br />
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Hope we don't lose you due to some morons on here! And yes your current profile photo is quite nice! Missed the cleavage one! Bill in Va.

well said gr8white ... I don't understand the double standards ... and I support you hon ... you know that!

Dang! I am too late! I wanna be your friend to view your photos!! 'scuse me while I lie on the floor, kick and scream, then hold my breath until I'm blue!

I admit though that I certainly do not mind seeing male members' members!! I would like to see all of it allowed!! Since it is a family site I guess that they cannot but I would certainly not mind if they changed this site to over 21 only!

I do not agree that ep is hypocritical because I do not think that they are out looking for these things but are reacting (not responding, there is a difference) to peoples' flags. It depends on where you went and who/how many you "offended". I am going to start flagging them too! Too much censorship is going on in the name of "offended" but I do not understand why they are offended by a heterosexual's cleavage but have cleavage of a lesbian on their pages! That is where the hypocrisy is! We have to be tolerant of gays (which I have no problem with) but watch out because those white male heterosexuals are perverts!!!

Oh honey, you would have appreciated her other one though!

How about a bit of practicing what we preach? Ignore the idiots. Delete their comments, block them and have fun. Your current logo is plenty sexy enough.

Gr8white-- I think that we need to make a statement and stand strong and proud. Keep fighting for it and not run. I must admit though that it does get frustrating and sometimes we do need a break.

They see cleavage at the store, on tv, certainly at the beach, in magazines, basically everywhere and they are upset about it here? They can stay in the disney groups, no, Disney shows women with cleavage too. They can go hang out in the closet then.

Their adult filters and mature audience warnings wouldn't stop them from seeing the cleavage. They would have had to have been in a group, been annoyed with Gr8wht and flagged her photo. But almost all EP policing is member generated and some members get a kick out of dipping into groups they ob<x>ject to and reporting every member they can. Once warned by EP, second offenders are ejected without notice (they say otherwise but it isn't the case)

I agree! There are a number of people, I know of two, who feel it is their mission to "clean up the garbage from ep". They seem to have settled down so I do not know if something got said to them, but I am sure there are others. Interesting how tolerance is expected in some situations, but not in others. We have markings to show mature audience only, but the immature cannot seem to understand that!

That's just not right.