It Seems Like It Will Never End.

I was first pressured into having sex when I was thirteen. I was hanging out with my 17 year old boyfriend. At the time I thought it was cool to have an older boyfriend, and he was good looking so my friends worshipped us. We were supposed to be studying, but we were making out instead. And then he was suddenlyl laying on top of me, feeling down my skirt and pulling my shirt off. We were at his house, so I knew nobody would help me. I just lay very still in hopes that he could see I didnt want it. He kept going and to be honest, it was really scary. The thought I would be raped horrified me.
But then he stopped and told me that if I didnt let him have sex with me and have it be consent, he would tell all these nasty rumors about me. So I decided that him taking my virginity was better than having terribe things being said about me.
It hurt and was very painful, and by the time he was finished all I wanted was to go home and cry to my mum. I couldnt, so I stood up, put my clothes up and left.
I'm now in another relationship where all he wants is to have sex, and just the other night I woke up to have him enter me.
Finding this site really helped me because knowing other people have gone through what I have helps. I'm going to leave him when I see him next, and my friend will be there to make sure he cant force me into staying.
nicoleheart99 nicoleheart99
18-21, F
May 10, 2012