Never a Dull Moment

I know this sounds crazy, but it sure would be nice to NOT be pretty sometimes.  Is it possible for me to make a guy friend that doesn't want to get in my pants?  I have made 3 guy friends recently that mistook my attention as a possible opening for a date (or more).  It makes me so mad when I like a guy (as a friend) and he wants more and is angry with me for not reciprocating.  Aren't I worth being around, even if it's not how you imagined it?? 

Also, how nice it would be to be able to go out to a bar and NOT get hit on.  Sure, being attractive is great, but sometimes I just want to blend in and be average.
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Molly333 hit the nail on the head with that last sentence. If it stinks, it's trash. Take it out.

honey, theres nothing wrong with being pretty. but guys certainly do a good job of making us feel like there is. i would much rather be the mousy, invisible girl i was in highschool than the pretty woman i am now. it sucks being hit on all the time, it sucks having guys only want you for one thing, and when you dont want to give it to them, they get upset. as if its our job to get them off. its disgusting. <br />
i finally look how i want to look, after growing into myself, and i hate it most of the time. i get treated like dirt. i'm well educated, funny, kind, and i shouldnt have to put up with that crap. neither should you. wish i knew what to do about it too. but i guess we just have to try and find better people to associate with.

It's because when a woman is beautiful a lot of men fall in love with her and when someone is in love they like it to be reciprocated. So if you're in love with a beautiful woman and you find she doesn't have those feelings for you too then it's hurtful, because you know some guy somewhere will make her fall in love with him, but it's not you. i.e. you're not good enough for her. This is how guys interpret it. If you don't put out, you're hurting the precious Male Ego, but you stick to your guns. Beauty is power.

Yeah, well try being ugly. :|

Are you sure you want to be ugly? At least pretty people are assured of at least some kind of love. and anyway guys will constantly try to get ugly girls in bed too. The bottom line is that they cannot understand what a platonic relationship actually means.<br />
<br />
So don't blame how you look,blame the idiocy of men. <br />
Good luck on your quest though.

Men will interpret most anything from a woman as being flirting. Just being friendly and smiling can be misinterpreted. The only thing I can say is that you be up front and use the word "friend" a lot when you refer to them.

LOL that is the best idea EVER!!!!!!!!

Even though I'm not exactly a pretty girl myself, it sounds very understandable to me and not at all crazy. Nobody likes to feel that part (or all) of them is being overlooked, for whatever reason. I guess being pretty can be high maintenance as well - for yourself. Expectations, and pressure. As for the guys, I imagine it depends whom you hang out with. Some people are much more susceptible to appearances than others. But to combine it with your height issues, you could always wear a tee shirt that says "If You're Under 6'1" And Under 6.1" Then We'll Only Ever Be Friends" :P And given the eyeline of shorter men, that'll probably work out for all concerned! ;)