Press1 For English

Press 1 for english

press2 questions

3 for some bumb a ss that wont help you

4 for someother stuge that knows nothing

5 for some one that you cant understand any words they say

0 for starting over

press 1 for ops I forgot what i was going to ask

2 for hanging up

3 for if you love to be on hold

press 4 for starting all over again

press* if you want to kick someones butt

press# for anyother smart as s buttens

press 911 if youve been on hold for a hour

press44 for being on hold for the nexk 3 half hours

press 55 for our hours ops then we cut you off

press66 if you speak spanish

press 77 if you want to die

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

What do i press to make you shake like a shandelier? Lol.

OMG! this is wh y i let the hubby call all the companies and not me..

ha ha ha